About ‘Print On Demand’

Books which have a `long shelf life' are a nuisance for today's publishers, which is why so many long-lived and well-loved books are no longer available. As soon as the annual sales drop below what is considered an 'economical figure’, thoughts turn to the quick disposal of the remaining copies, often via the supermarkets, and the title  becomes classified as 'out of print'.

Bettina Selby's books, covering as they do over twenty years of travel, often under extreme conditions, have become something of a classic of their genre.   In Germany they are continuously reprinted and sell in gratifying numbers, but in the United Kingdom, the way that the book market has developed, meant there was the danger that, like so many other  books, they would just disappear.

Thanks to the new technology of Print On Demand, however, books can now be stored on computer,  and single copies can be printed off and delivered almost as quickly as if they had come straight from a warehouse. This gives readers a much wider choice, and means no book need now be out of print.

All Bettina Selby’s titles are now with a print on demand firm called Lightning Source, which operates both in the UK and the North American Continent. The books are listed by title and ISBN in all the major catalogues, and can be ordered through bookshops in the usual way.  

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