My Books

Riding the Mountains Down 0-9538007-1-7

Riding to Jerusalem 0-9538007-2-5

Riding the Desert Trail 0-9538007-3-3

The Fragile Islands 0-9538007-4-1

Riding North One Summer 0-9538007-5-X

Frail Dream of Timbuktu 0-9538007-6-8

Beyond Ararat 0-9538007-7-6

Pilgrims Road 0-9538007-8-4

Like Water in a Dry Land 978-0-9929126-0-4

Two Cats Walking (With Sappho & Dido) 978-0-9929126-1-1

Thanks to 'Print on Demand all these titles are now back in
print and are available through bookshops and other suppliers
in the United Kingdom and the United States at a suggested 
price 0f £8.99 or $17,50
They are all also available as ebooks on Amazon Kindle

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